Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hmm, what format?

Damnit. I had such grand plans. On attempting to blog my first status update, I realized that the format of the blog offers so much more expressiveness than the format of gmail status updates.

If my status is:
"Growing up online:"

How should I blog that?

Should I use "Growing up online" as the title, then embed the video in the post? Would that stay true to the spartan nature of status updates? Am I over-thinking this?

I leave it to you my dear acolytes. You decide the format by debating the alternatives in the comments section of this post and I'll adhere to it to the best of my capricious, perfunctory abilities.


Misanthrope said...

I would suggest a title for each. If you don't want to think of a title, just put a total non-sequitur in the title... or "Kim is awesome."

Timothy said...

First off let me say, all the people named Kim I know are indeed awesome, I would tend to agree with the previous poster.

Now for my post. . . .

In the words of a man whom I respect, yet disagree with completely 'We are all victims of concision'

If you're just linking to the blog's latest post as your status, make sure you have the link of your topic prominent and a semi-relevant title.

If you're using the blog to reflect on your status, titles aren't as important, but still keep the link prominent, the content short/relevant/witty.

neha said...

vijay, lame. what happened to your blog? it's been a year.

i want to read more vijay updates.